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E-assessment comments:
Business Research Unit U.W.E.

"AssessmentDirect enables organisations or companies to create tests & assessments online. The responses can then be collected electronically and delivered back to the organisation. Although there is a growing range of e-assessment tools within the market place, AssessmentDirect's product range have unique features that sets itself apart from all the other competition."

Greater Security achieved through "third party" licensing

"AssessmentDirect Interactions and client data is stored at remote locations, away from the user's local networks. This provides additional security as infiltration is less likely from unsolicited users and if an attempt were made to breach security, it would not disrupt the clients local network services."


Speech by Ken Boston QCA (e-assessment conference 2004)
Main Benefits of e-assessment

"First, e-assessment makes assessment more accessible by being physically on-line, on-demand. This is the most obvious benefit. No need for scheduled exam dates and places. Simply turn up at a LearnDirect centre, a library, a pub even, which has the relevant facilities. Access the assessment on-line and receive immediate feedback. Potentially, with sophisticated recognition techniques, e-assessment could conceivably be reliably undertaken in a candidate's own home, assuming acceptable levels of reliability that the candidate really is who they say they are have been established.
Second, e-assessment makes assessment more accessible by being potentially more acceptable and less threatening to learners. When doing a test feels more like playing a video game, a whole generation of exam-allergic learners may willingly seek to have their achievements and learning recognised formally.
Third, technology means that totally new forms of assessment which might be more appropriate, more challenging, more diverse, can be achieved on-line. E-assessment literally adds a new dimension to assessment, falling in between physical assessment of skills or competence and traditional paper and pen examinations. New assessment potential means new skills development potential. In the long term this may mean profound changes to the national curriculum but, in today's context, it could change the face of vocational learning both in schools and in the workplace.
Last, but by no means least, e-assessment will itself drive the development of e-learning. I don't think there will be anyone in the audience who has not had their eyes opened today by the sheer power and potential power of e-learning. No one who has listened to our speakers and test-driven some of the materials on display could fail to understand that e-learning can and will have a profound effect on work-based learning. But we cannot tolerate a situation where someone who has completed a programme of learning in their own time, at their own pace, has to book in for a paper and pen exam at the local college in order for that learning to be recognised. "


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