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All of the content provided in online interactions are tailored to individual needs, whether created by us or by you.

"With our system, powerful and engaging content is created quickly."

However, in situations where time is short, we are on hand with teams developers to create the content for you.

Therefore, we offer a fully tailored consultancy service should you need it.
At AssessmentDirect we are able to draw upon experienced assessment designers and testing formats.

Our technical advisors are on hand to answer your questions. If we cannot put you through to the relevant expert to answer your query straight away, our call-back facility promises to get back to you ASAP.

So how is it done?

It's as easy as A..B..C..

A) You define the time allowed, and create the supporting information for each assessment.

B) Then choose a style for each objective question, add any graphics, animation etc. Identify the correct responses and the marking criteria.

C) Finally, after testing and editing your completed assessment, you schedule it to your candidates and they receive notification of a pending assessment...

......and we do all the rest!

We are also able to accommodate your expanding business needs...
if you want to modify, upgrade or extend AssessmentDirect, contact our technical development team as our system will adapt to the scale of your organisation.

Particularly in the world of training and recruitment, there may be situations when you wish to use AssessmentDirect on a sub licensed basis.
For more information contact us direct or look in the Partners section of this site.

Developing content:
The easy-to-use assessment creation wizard enables you to develop a variety of powerful learning interactions that can take the forms of Multiple choice, Multiple response , Text Match, Fill in the blanks, True/false and Ranking/ordering type questions.
Scores and marking criteria are applied to each question, along with trainer comments or feedback. Alternatively, a new 'branching' technique will now enable you to produce 'adaptive' tests. This type of assessment corresponds to the responses made by candidates and invisibly re-routes them to subsequent questions, which are directly applicable to their individual situations.
All assessments, once created are reusable. They can be amended, edited, archived or deleted. You choose how you wish to present your assessments to your candidate groups, you can.. either opt for the test to be presented in the order in which it was created or, alternatively, a randomising facility ensures that assessments are always presented differently each time. This is a particularly useful feature when assessments are automatically created and compiled from large question banks. The candidate's responses to questions are collected and managed on our servers instantaneously. They are then made available to centres on -demand and in a variety of reporting formats.


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