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Partnering with Associates and Consultants

If you have expertise in test development and wish to enquire about partnering opportunities with AssessmentDirect contact us. As an IT company we are always looking to develop new networks! AssessmentDirect want to continue to expand our teams of associates, these contacts work with us to create expert content in specific sectors and industries.

AssessmentDirect as your technical partner

AssessmentDirect provides you with a powerful, fast and reliable partner. Our system seamlessly integrates with your organisation's web domain to provide a secure on-line and on-demand e-assessment application. Our simple, annual license agreement enables you to create your own assessment interactions, define your own user groups, establish secure and supportive communication links and manage the comprehensive report generator.

Compliant with current management of information and test delivery standards, BSI 17798. IMS and QTI. This cost effective solution automates and streamlines many of the assessment processes now undertaken manually! AssessmentDirect has simple fee structures too. These are linked to the number of candidates registered and the expected amounts of 'assessment bundles' needed throughout the licensed year. The levels of assessment weighting is up to you, we do not differentiate between summative or formative testing it's all important to us; we simply provide a secure mechanism for delivering, retrieving and managing the outcomes of all your candidates responses. You can either draw down from block registrations or, alternatively, pay as you go. This flexible approach to servicing costs can accommodate any organisation's budget whatever the size. We agree to support your on-line presence by providing the best possible support services, many of which are 24/7. Our support team is also on hand to assist with your support inquiries or alternatively provide you with a wide range of additional technical services. We know the importance of your brand image, and as a silent partner, we can 'tailor' AssessmentDirect to your own corporate branding. Our chameleonic, 'back office' approach helps you to assimilate a single organisational presence by enabling you to upload corporate identity, images and even change the colour of our style sheet templates.

We've thought of everything!


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