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Briefly: Our product range is based upon four applications, each one unique in functionality and purpose. Powerful, yet simple to use, each product is different, but they all share the same fundamental controls.

Four Base Applications:


Ideal for open access to all & made available via email or webpage.
Available to registered users with secure access for regular interactions and ongoing communications.
Comprehensive, a powerful, secure system with optimum features, full scheduling, recording and report generation
Delivered by email; this swift summative assessment is ideal for 'one shot' attempts.

All four of our elemental products are accessed via the Internet and all interactions occur in secure sessions.



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Six Different Question Types:
True / False
Multiple Choice
Multiple Response
Ranking / Ordering
Text Match
Fill in the Blanks

Previously e-assessment has been based around multiple choice type questions, which are very useful. Not any more.... AssessmentDirect utilises six question styles providing quality and flexibility in objective testing techniques.
Our six different styles are listed above. For more information and examples of functionality.....

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